4 ways to be a part of something special.

We all love sports, and sports benefit our community in a multitude of ways. From improving health and building character to jobs and economic stimulus, sports provide us with advantages that improve the quality of life for all our citizens. The Etowah Mega Sports Complex promises to provide our citizens - and especially our children – with a state of the art athletic experience utilizing the finest sports fields and recreation areas in the Southeast.

But we can’t do it without your help. Without your support, this project and its benefits will go somewhere else.

Our state legislators need to know that you support this project and the positive impact it will have. Donations to the complex are an investment in your child and community. Show your support with Etowah Mega Sports Complex tee-shirts and merchandise. Share our page on social media to help raise awareness.

The ball is in motion to get our kids what they deserve – THE BEST!

Contact Representatives

We've made it very easy for you. Just click the link to contact your Representatives.

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Everyone that gives will have their name on the Walk of Champions.

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All proceeds will go toward the construction of our community's new facility. Show your support!

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Being a part of creating awareness is huge! If you can't give, please share and help us get the word out.

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